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It’s the inevitable truth in modern life that jobs and schooling always drive us farther away. The more miles we place between ourselves and our families, the less we see from them. Cousins who have grown up together may end up not seeing each other on end for years. Organizing a large family reunion in such a situation is a possible method of bridging some of the gap.

One daunting task is to plan and execute a family reunion session. The manager has to be fully committed and dedicate a lot of time to the small details. Because of the sheer variety of people expected to attend, organizing a family reunion is harder than preparing any other party; from grandma to grandkids. The events of the group have to be different, so everyone can have fun. I strongly suggest you to click here for more info on this.

Venue: Indoor or Outdoor?

Typically a family reunion involves a lot of people, most of whom are hyperactive adolescents. It is safer to have an annual family reunion with children and adults, with fun and engaging outdoor activities. The indoor party becomes more organized, a garden party helps the guests to relax and let loose.

Use Rentals: From Tents to Fun When you want to hold the event outside and you’re going to have a big audience, you can rent tents to help keep the sun off your visitors or if the weather is bad, everyone can still sit outside and have some fun. Along with the tents, don’t hesitate to hire tables and chairs so there’s plenty of sitting space and serve food stations. You also have the added advantage of using group rentals that are sure to keep kids (and some adults too) entertained before lunch. In reality, fun bounce house rentals and inflatable water slide rentals will transform your reunion into a gala show. Not only do they add color and cheer to a group but they also keep kids happily occupied. You may plan other interactive games for the slightly older children, such as an obstacle course, treasure hunt, a magic display etc. Games like three legged sprint, egg and spoon game, sack race and others are a great way to get the entire family interested in the party.

Party Food for All Ages The food which is consumed is a very important part of any group. Snacks consumed at a party may become more relevant than the main meal if snacks don’t go with the theme, it can make or break a family reunion that is otherwise well organized. It’s a good option to offer a healthy mix of foods that both children and adults can munch on. Snacks are always available, such as cookies, potato chips and other fried munchies. You can also have concession rentals like, popcorn machines, cotton candy machines or snow cone machines to keep the party treats fun as an added bonus.